“All You Can Petite” = like all you can eat… but petite… I like puns.

This blog started out as Life With Louise but I’ve recently gone through a crisis where I hated my blog soooo here we are! I want to concentrate more on petite fashion going forward because being literally five feet tall means I know quiiiite a lot about petite style

So anyway, I’m Louise. I’m 25 and I live in Edinburgh, Scotland. I’ve just moved through to the big city and moved in with my wonderful boyfriend Cam into our first flat, so my life is currently filled with “have we paid X bill this month?” and “it’s your turn to do the dishes!”. Adulting is fun.

You’ll often find me on the couch with a bowl of pasta bake, browsing ASOS for clothes I can’t afford and a true crime documentary on the telly in the background.

Wanna chat? Email me at enquiries@allyoucanpetite.co.uk