I’ve been planning on writing this kind of post for ages now but I just never got round to it/kept forgetting to take photos of my outfits on a daily basis. Since organising my wardrobe however, it’s been much easier to find outfits to put together and actually put some effort into what I wear. The week I decided to document was a typical working week for me, which means my outfits are more of a smart-casual vibe than what I would normally wear. My office is quite particular about what kind of casual clothes we can wear, so these outfits aren’t typically what I wear outside of work, but I think I’m coming round to this smart-casual vibe.

There isn’t much to say about how I spent my actual days because I literally got up, went to work and then came home and napped like everyday so I’m just going to show you my outfits and hope that they give you some style inspiration, especially for my petite gals out there.

Monday 22nd July

Top (similar) // Trousers

I don’t know about you, but Monday mornings are the one day of the week where I honestly cba putting together a full-on outfit, so I tend to go with something easy. This crop top is actually a charity shop find, I think it cost me like £3 and it’s originally H&M. The trousers are some of my faves from PrettyLittleThing; they’re so comfy and easy to style an outfit with.

Tuesday 23rd July

Top // Belt // Trousers

This day happened to be the hottest day of the year so far, so naturally I decided to wear all black. I got these trousers in the New Look sale at the end of last year, and I was BUZZING when I found them because I almost bought them at full price a few months before. So finding them for £7 in the sale was a highlight and now I wear them all the time. The black t-shirt and red circle belt are both from ASOS and are absolute wardrobe staples.

Wednesday 24th July

Shirt (similar) // Belt // Jeans

Wednesday was a bad day. I found a screw in one of my tyres and had to spend an hour at Kwik-Fit to get it fixed, and then work was just rubbish altogether so yeah; complete write-off of a day. I did like my outfit however, which is a plus. I bought this shirt from Bershka when we were in France last month – taking full advantage of being able to actually shop in a proper Bershka store. It gives me 101 Dalmatians vibes. The jeans are Primark straight leg and are super comfy, and the belt is my trusty Asos circle belt that I wear far too often.

Thursday 25th July

Shirt // Jeans

While tidying out my wardrobe, I was reunited with this leopard print shirt from New Look that I’m fairly certain I had only worn once before. Forgot how much I loved it! I paired it with my black Primark straight leg jeans that I’ve basically been living in recently and yep, you guessed it, my black Asos belt.

Side note- has anyone else completely gone off of skinny jeans? I now have way more straight leg/mom style jeans than I do skinnies. They’re just so much comfier!

Friday 26th July

T-Shirt // Dungarees

Yassssss Friday. I like to dress a wee bit more casual on Fridays so I went with my fave denim dungarees from Topshop, paired with this striped long-sleeve t-shirt from H&M and oh look, that belt again. I’ve worn this outfit countless times over the last few weeks and I don’t even feel guilty about outfit repeating because I LOVE IT.

I really want to start making this a weekly kind of post if you guys are into it. I like the idea of being able to share my outfits to give you some inspiration for workwear or just general outfits for my petite gals who may be stuck on what to wear. Let me know your thoughts and if you’d like to see more of these posts!

Byeeeeee x

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