Hi, hello, it’s me! So I’ve been on an (unintentional) blog break whilst getting my shit together – see my last post for context. But now I’m back with a new blog theme to get me motivated and AT LEAST two blog post ideas, I know – someone stop me. So over the past month or two I spent a lot of time in the flat by myself, doing a little self care, a lot of napping, and way too much YouTube watching. I fell into the hole of watching other people tidy/organise/renovate their rooms and apartments and weirdly it motivated me to get at least a part of my life together. And what part better to start with than my absolute bombsite of a wardrobe.

I know, it’s bad. Cam and I share this wardrobe and I have way too many clothes so my stuff definitely takes over the space. There’s not really any organisation other than my stuff on this side, and Cam’s stuff on the other. I’m sure you can also tell that the floor of the wardrobe is basically a dumping ground for old bedding, fallen clothes, bags of clothes I want to get rid of, and my winter boots that haven’t seen daylight in months. It’s a mess, I’m a mess, ya feel?

I thought that if I managed to organise the wardrobe that I would feel a little better about myself, be able to actually see the clothes I own, get rid of clothes I no longer want, and feel slightly more productive than I had been previously. I also thought this might inspire you to organise your wardrobe as well; it’s very therapeutic!

Step One: Empty EVERYTHING.

This is probably the easiest part tbh. Literally just grab armfuls of clothes and chuck them either on the floor or on your bed. You’ll end up with a large pile of clothes like mine which will make you ponder “Hm, why do I have so many clothes yet I only wear the same four outfits???”

Do the same for everything on the floor of your wardrobe (if you have anything) until you’re left with a nice, empty space to start again. I hadn’t seen the floor of our wardrobe since the day we moved in, and it turns out there’s actually quite a bit of space down there. Lol.

Pls ignore the shelves at the top. That’s mainly Cam’s stuff and I’m too short to reach it.

Step 2: Organise everything into categories.

So now you have a pile of almost every clothing item you own. The next step is to sort everything into a category. Stack all your jeans, jumpers, dresses, skirts etc into piles and try to space them out from each other so each category is easily distinguishable. My categories consisted of*:

  • Playsuits
  • Dresses
  • Shirts
  • Midi/Maxi Skirts
  • Shorts
  • Jeans
  • Smart/Work Trousers
  • Dungarees/Jumpsuits
  • Jumpers
  • Sweatshirts
  • Cardigans
  • Hoodies

I do own more clothes, such as t-shirts and shorter skirts, but these are kept separately in a drawer*

You may be thinking: “Wow, one of your categories is considerably larger than the others, Louise”. And you’d be correct. That would be my jumper pile. I am a jumper hoarder and I’d say that at least 70% of my wardrobe is made up of jumpers. Pls don’t judge me.

Take this opportunity to get rid of any clothes you no longer wear/like/want etc. I just made a separate pile outside of the bedroom of clothes I wasn’t keeping. Also try to be brutal, if you hesitate on a dress that you’ve never worn because “oh I might have an event to wear it to” or a pair of jeans that don’t fit properly but you’re hoping to squeeze back into one day – chuck em. I actually managed to get rid of quite a few items, apart from jumpers; I think I only got rid of one in the end.

Step Three: Colour co-ordination.

I enjoyed this step. It’s a good way to see what colour palettes you wear/gravitate towards the most. For me, it turns out that I have quite a lot of nudes, whites, reds/oranges and blacks. Quite a neutral palette I’d say. Working off of this base, I also made another pile of my more brighter and colourful clothes which mainly consisted of my rainbow jumpers and any sweatshirt that isn’t a “neutral” colour.

It may be at this stage that you’re tired, potentially sweating, and staring at the masses of clothes on your bed thinking “omg why am I doing this?”. Same. I took a break once everything was colour co-ordinated and sat and watched a true crime video and ate some crisps. Definitely take a break midway through to avoid hating yourself.

Step Four: Hang it all back up.

Now comes the part where you need to work out: what do I wear the most? Hanging up your clothes in relation to how often you wear certain items is really useful. For me, I wear a lot of mom jeans and smart/work trousers more than I wear dresses. You can also organise by colour again and work from either dark to light, or colours you wear least often to most often. I ended up doing a mixture (which doesn’t sound that organised but trust me, it is).

Sidenote: Remember that video that was going round Twitter a few months ago all about smart ways to store things and had those collapsible clothes hangers? Well obviously I bought some but didn’t bother getting them out the box until now. Let me tell ya, they are a must have. They save so much space and help to organise your wardrobe that little bit better. I got these ones from Amazon which come as a pack of 6 which I would say is enough for me. I might go back and buy another box at some point in the future, but for now I’m happy.

So here’s how I organised my clothes:

  • In the far left corner, I hung my playsuits and dresses out of the way because I don’t wear them often enough to have them front and centre, but this way I can still keep them and access them when I need them.
  • I put all my bright coloured jumpers and sweatshirts next to those. I don’t reach for these as often anymore, but I still want to keep them so I put them out of the way but still accessible like my dresses and jumpsuits. I hung all of these on a Wonder Hanger.
  • Next to those I hung my cardigans, also on a Wonder Hanger. Again, I don’t wear cardigans that often but they’re useful to have in your wardrobe, so again these are out of the way but I can still get to them.
  • Then I hung up all of my sweatshirts and jumpers going from darkest to lightest. As soon as we get into the colder months I’ll be reaching for these quite a lot so these are easily accessible and I can see them all when I slide the door open. I used a Wonder Hanger for all of my nude/white jumpers because I had the most of them.
  • After jumpers I hung my shirts/blouses up again going from dark to light. I tend to wear a lot of shirts to work with mom jeans so these are right at the front of the wardrobe. And again I used a Wonder Hanger for my lighter/white shirts because I had the most in that colour palette.
  • My midi skirts (all five of them) are next to my shirts, organised from patterned to plain.
  • Then on another Wonder Hanger I hung all of my smart/work trousers apart from one pair that wouldn’t fit, but I tend to wear them the most anyway so it works out well.
  • Next to my trousers I hung all of my mom jeans on a Wonder Hanger so they’re all kept together and I no longer pull out a pair of skinny jeans by mistake. Behind the mom jeans are my two or three pairs of skinny jeans and my lone pair of denim shorts.
  • And then finally we have my jumpsuits and dungarees hanging behind the sliding door because I don’t wear them all that often, but I can still get to them and see them if I need them.

It doesn’t look super organised but it’s so much better than it was before and now there’s actually some sense to it. I know where everything is and the stuff I wear most often is easier to find and get to.

Step Five: The floor.

The floor of our wardrobe used to be a no-go area and the junk on it would stop the doors from sliding shut properly. NIGHTMARE.

Now it’s actually organised and tidy. I stole a white shoe-rack from my mum a few months ago and just chucked it at the back to “sort it later”. Turns out it actually fits neatly in the corner so I’ve used it to hold my lesser worn shoes and boots for the moment. The black boots I wear the most are lined up neatly so I can see them all for a change. I do own more shoes than this but they’re mostly trainers and flip-flops that I keep under the bed for quick access.

I’m a handbag hoarder and I love buying new bags, and now they actually have a place to live next to my boots. I change my bag every few months and it’s nice to know where they all are for future reference.

And finally behind my bags is a bag containing my wellies which I don’t use that often, but I think it’s a crime to live in Scotland and not own a pair of wellies.

Before & After

I’m really happy with how it turned out and I definitely feel a lot better going into my wardrobe to try and find an outfit in the mornings. I’ve already worn things that I previously hadn’t worn in months because I literally couldn’t see them beforehand.

I strongly suggest giving your wardrobe a good clear out and organise if you haven’t done it in a while. Please let me know if you try out my method and if it worked for you, or if you discovered a different method instead. Any organisational and tidying life hacks are welcome.

Byeeeee x

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