Last week, Cam and I jetted off on a mini break to Sa Coma, Majorca for a much needed holiday. We had booked it a few months prior as a “birthday getaway” for my 25th, but also because I was proper craving a beach holiday. Does anyone else sometimes just need that feeling of stepping off the plane and the heat smacking you in the face? Or that feeling of getting up super early and going down to the beach because it’s already 25 degrees at 7am? Because same.

Sadly though, I didn’t get the relaxing holiday I had hoped for. Let’s start at the beginning.

Sunday 26th May

Getting up at 3am is only ever easy when you’re going on holiday right? My alarm went off and I was up almost straight away. We set off to the airport at 4am and I think we arrived just after 4:30am. The airport was much busier than I had ever seen it but we still managed to get our bag checked in (side note: it was well over the 10kg limit but the man at the check-in desk was a lad and didn’t charge us for it) and fly through security before 5am.

We did the usual routine of having breakfast at Spoons (yass) and then popping into WH Smith for some last minute essentials before waiting around for our gate to be announced. We’re chilling, we’ve got plenty of time, I’m trying to settle my pre-flight anxiety and not shit myself every 5 minutes. All good. They call our gate (opposite end of the airport to where we were OBVIOUSLY), we board the plane and we take off. Still, ALL GOOD.

When it comes to us landing, this is when the first baby hiccup of the holiday happens. Cam starts experiencing excruciating pain in his mouth due to the pressure change of us descending to land. The same thing happened to me when we were landing in Vienna and oh my god it’s the worst pain. It honestly feels like your tooth is going to explode and although it only lasts for maybe 20/30 seconds, it is bloody painful. Since Vienna, I now always take painkillers before a flight just in case it happens again but Cam wasn’t prepared for it so we quickly had to get some painkillers down him to stop the pain. He was absolutely fine but that might’ve been the first omen.

We land and make it through the airport fine aside from me getting stuck in the electronic passport control gates. Palma airport is MENTAL. You basically step off the plane and you’re immediately in duty free before any kind of passport control. It’s also bloody HUGE. Our baggage was on the furthest away belt (obviously) so we had to trek like 20 minutes to get to it. Luckily it arrived and we collected it with no problems. Side note – people who stand right at the side of the baggage carousel and form a barrier that stops other people being able to see/grab their bags… pls stop that.

The transfer to the hotel took around an hour or so but I didn’t mind too much, aside from the little girl behind us who complained that she didn’t feel well and my emetophobia rearing its ugly head and making me panic for 20 minutes “SHE’S GOING TO BE SICK”. She was fine. When we got to our hotel we checked in and went up to our room which was really nice and had a balcony with a view of the sea and beach. The weather wasn’t too nice and we were absolutely knackered so we decided to have a nap for a few hours to kill some time and let the weather brighten up.

This is where things start to go downhill. I wake up from my nap and I feel awful. I have zero energy and I just feel rubbish. Taking into account the fact that I’d only had a small Spoons breakfast and a packet of Hula-Hoops on the plane, I thought I just desperately needed food so I woke Cam and was like “FEED ME”. We went out and got some snacks from the Spar (including these tomato and basil crisps which were AMAZING) opposite our hotel which made me feel a little better but I still didn’t feel great so I ended up going for another nap until around 8pm.

When I woke up I felt okay and it was a really nice evening so we decided to go for a walk along the beach as the sun set. It was absolutely beautiful and one of the highlights of the holiday – you’ll soon see why. I start feeling a bit “meh” again so we decided to walk along to the Burger King and get some food. While we’re waiting for our food I started feeling super ill and had to sit down at an empty table. For some reason, I felt more ill when we were indoors but felt fine when we were outside so when we got back to the hotel we just sat on the balcony and I forced some chips down. Burger King chips aren’t great at the best of times but I especially wasn’t enjoying them at that moment.

I must’ve looked miserable because Cam sent me to bed pretty soon after that. I had been hoping that a good night’s sleep would fix me but nah, didn’t happen did it? I saw every hour on the clock that night and spent hours lying awake, feeling super sick, shivering, sweating etc. It was not fun.

Monday 27th May

I think I ended up getting up around 7:30am because I just couldn’t sleep anymore. I still felt super nauseous and now my back was killing me for some unknown reason. Cam kindly ran me a bath to try and help, and after taking some painkillers and lying in said bath for a bit I did start to feel better and even sat out on the balcony in the sun for a bit.

We went down for breakfast and I managed to eat some toast and two hash browns. At this point I actually felt fine; I didn’t feel sick, I wasn’t sore or anything, I was just really tired from the bad night’s sleep so when we finished breakfast we went back up to the room and I had a nap. The plan was to nap until around lunchtime and then we’d head out for lunch and then spend the afternoon at the beach. My body had other plans though and when I woke up from that nap, I spent the rest of the day lying in bed feeling unbearably nauseous. My entire body ached and it was at this point that I thought “hmm, this feels like the flu”.

It was the nicest day of the entire holiday. Blazing sunshine, blue skies and here I am lying on the bathroom floor with my head in the toilet. Beautiful. To make things even better, when I was lying in bed feeling sorry for myself I had a perfect view of the beach and the people on it enjoying themselves. I felt so bad for Cam who just spent the entire time on the balcony reading, although he insists he was perfectly happy doing that between sitting on the bathroom floor with me as I cried. What an angel.

At around 5pm I AM SUFFERING. I’m forcing myself to be sick just to get some relief from the nausea, my stomach is badly cramping from said nausea and my entire body is aching. Wonderful. I ended up pleading Cam to go to the pharmacy across the road and see what they could do for me. He went (again, what an angel) and managed to get some nausea tablets (which I threw up, so they worked a treat) and some sleeping tablets so I could actually try and sleep this illness off.

This whole day was a bit of a blur and the only other things I remember is watching German Spongebob Squarepants (a real treat) and hearing some terrible karaoke in the evening before I took a sleeping tablet and FINALLY got some sleep.

Tuesday 28th May

I finally felt better. The unbearable nausea had lifted and I could finally be upright again without wanting to keel over. We went down to breakfast again and I managed two slices of toast and some apple juice before I went back to the room early because I felt like I was going to fall asleep on my empty plate. The sleeping tablets apparently have a 12 hour effect which I didn’t realise until it was too late. lol.

After a quick nap I joined Cam out on the balcony to get some fresh air without being directly in the sun – the last thing I needed was to get burnt or sunstroke when I was finally starting to feel human again. I managed to snack on some Mini Chips Ahoy (which are THE BEST snacks and I’m so sad we don’t get them here. Yes I brought a tub back with me) and sip some flat Irn-Bru to get some more sugar back in me.

Around 1pm I was absolutely starving so we ventured out to find lunch nearby. We ended up sharing a pizza and some chips while I obsessed over this adorable grey cat that was looking for scraps of food a few tables over.

I was excited to finally be out of that hotel room and enjoying our holiday. We had planned to go to the beach or the pool for a bit after lunch, but of course, Mother Nature had other ideas. While we were eating, it started to rain a little bit. Not much, just a few spits here and there. We were sat outside so we decided to move indoors just in case, which ended up to be a good move as it started pelting it down monsoon-style. I’ve never known it to rain that much in the town that we were staying, it was crazy. People were running for cover in shops and the waiters at our restaurant were frantically pulling the fabric seat covers off of the chairs outside.

To make things better, we weren’t prepared for rain at all so we had to make a break for it in shorts, tshirts and flip flops to get back to the hotel. Needless to say, we got drenched. Like actually soaked through. Looking back it’s pretty funny but at the time I was not happy at all; I’m finally feeling better and able to get out and about and it RAINS??? How rude.

The rain stopped not long after we got back to the hotel (obviously) and we decided to just chill out for a bit. I think we napped again, I’m not sure, we napped a lot on this holiday. It was still dry when we wanted to head out for dinner so we were able to venture out once again. It was bloody windy though and I only had denim shorts and an off the shoulder top so I looked like a right idiot.

I was absolutely starving so I went for a bowl of “three cheese pasta” which sounds delicious, but when it arrived it literally tasted like spaghetti in a bowl of melted butter. It was disgusting and I started feeling super sick again and had to go back to the hotel early because I genuinely thought I was going to be sick. I just spent that night being super sad about how much of a fail this holiday had been so far. Me being ill, the shit weather and the fact that we only had one full day left made me have a little cry while I ate some more Chips Ahoy.

Wednesday 29th May

Nothing bad actually happened on this day THANK GOD so I’ll keep it short.

Our last full day and I was determined to get out and do some stuff. It wasn’t the sunniest of days but it was still nice enough. We did the usual routine of going down for breakfast before coming back up to sit on the balcony for a bit and do some people watching. We killed an hour or two doing this until I got hungry again and made us go out to find some food.

We ended up just going to one of the beach bars along the promenade by the beach and having some drinks and some food before we walked along to the shops and did a bit of shopping. I bought us some obviously fake Pokemon cards for a laugh and a cute elephant bracelet that I loved so much that I went back and bought another one at night just in case I broke the first one.

The rest of the day was pretty uneventful. We chilled, watched some more German Nickelodeon and killed time before we went out dinner. I think we ended up getting pretty bored tbh. Sa Coma is a really nice place but it’s kinda boring if the weather isn’t nice enough to sit on the beach for 8 hours a day.

Thursday 30th May

I’ve never been so ready to leave a holiday before. I’m always the one that never wants to go home and wants to stay longer but this time I was ready to get home to our own bed.

I woke up super early, around 7am and of course, it was an absolutely beautiful morning. I wanted to go to the beach one last time but Cam was having none of it so I just went by myself. We had around an hour before we needed to check-out and wait for our transfer so I went downstairs and took a nice stroll down to and along the beach as the sun rose.

I love being up super early when I’m on holiday. There’s barely anyone around apart from workers starting their day and people out on early morning runs. The beach was almost deserted aside from one or two other people and I was able to sit for nearly half an hour and enjoy the sunrise. I almost felt sad to leave at this point but given the rest of the holiday – I was still very ready to head home.

We checked out around 8:30am and sat outside to wait for our transfer to the airport which was due around 8:45am. And we waited. And we waited. And waited. It was coming up to 9am and there was still no sign of our transfer. We’re starting to panic a little bit and we decide to just head back into the hotel to ask the reception to call a taxi for us, when suddenly this massive coach screeches to a halt outside and the driver frantically waves us over. Either she was running very late or she just forgot to pick us up earlier.

The transfer was fine and didn’t take too long. We arrived at the airport just after 10am and our flight wasn’t until after 12pm so we had plenty of time, all we had to do was check our bag in again and get through security… easy right? Ha. Ha. Remember how I said our bag was over the limit by a few kilos and the guy at Edinburgh Airport was an absolute lad and didn’t charge us? The lady this time wasn’t as nice. Well, she was – she didn’t charge us the full amount, only €20 instead of €33 so we were thankful for that but when we took our ticket over to the RyanAir information desk, they had us waiting around for like 20 minutes before telling us that we didn’t need to pay. So we went back to the lady that gave us the ticket in the first place and told her that, to which she was confused and took us BACK over to the information desk to argue with her colleagues. In the end we did pay the €20 which was fine, they just wasted like 40 minutes of our time.

We made it through security and managed to inhale a Burger King before heading to our gate to board. Some grumpy old men got annoyed with us because we were stood in the priority boarding line and we weren’t priority; oh dear what an inconvenience for you considering the plane ISN’T EVEN BOARDING YET.

Anyway, the flight back was uneventful and we made it home fine. I’ve never been so happy to get home and order a Dominos in my life. It was definitely one of those holidays that I need another holiday to recover from – luckily we’re going away again in less than a month and I’m PRAYING I don’t get sick again.

I honestly just wanted a rant and I don’t expect anyone to have actually made it to the end. Usually my posts have some kind of message in them but nah not this one. Well, maybe not all holidays go to plan and that’s okay? But I’m still salty it didn’t go to plan so maybe not. I did manage to make a lil video for IGTV using what little footage I managed to get so click here if you fancy a watch.

Please tell me about any similar experiences you’ve had of holidays going wrong/not going to plan to make me feel a lil better 🙁

Byeeeee x

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