As we all know, Instagram has been a weeeee bit of a moody bitch lately and everyone’s engagement has basically just gone down the toilet. Same. It’s frustrating because I love Instagram as a platform and I feel like my engagement used to be really good up until recently. Anyway I wanted to start a blog series where I basically just show off some of my favourite photos from the past month (or so) that I either haven’t gotten to post on Instagram yet, or that I have posted but they flopped and didn’t get the love I think they deserved.

I’m planning on doing one of these on the first of every month but don’t hold me to that because I guarantee I WILL forget at least once. Soz.

The Zoella/Colorpop Collection

Product photos never do particularly well on Instagram so I was expecting these to flop (which they did), but I love these photos too much to not show them off again. So here. LOOK AT HOW PRETTY.

All of the slogans

If you know me, you know I LOVE a slogan tee and apparently I wore quite a few of them this month. I have many more to share with you so I hope you like a good slogan!

Photoshoot Faves

Yes. The majority of these photos are basically exactly the same as each other but that’s the life of a fashion blogger. The amount of time I spend trying to choose between two LITERALLY IDENTICAL photos is ridiculous and I need help.

I think that’s all I have for now so I hope you like them! It’s always frustrating when you’re so excited to post a photo on Instagram but then it flops completely for no reason at all. Hopefully these photos will get some more genuine love this way, OR this post will flop just as much and I’ll just give up lol.

Let me know if you like this idea though, a lot of people (and I mean A LOT) on Twitter were very supportive of this idea so I hope I delivered the goods.

Louise x

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  1. These photos are all beautiful, and have a nice dreamy feel to them. How cool is that heart-shaped ivy as well? This is such a good idea for a blog post – especially with us bloggers constantly being reminded that we shouldn’t put all of our eggs (photos) on social media.

  2. Lovely photos 😀. I really like the T-SHIRTS. Want one now. I don’t think all of photo shoot photos looked the same. I know nothing about fashion lol but love your outfit in the photo. Also it was actually nice to see a post that wasn’t text heavy for once it made it more about the photos. Thanks for sharing.

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