I know, I’ve already written a whole post about midi skirts (which you can find here) but I’ve recently rekindled my love for them and bought three within the past month. Oops. Also since I’ve been through my rebrand and wanting to focus on more petite fashion, I thought it would be quite handy to write a post on how I style midi skirts while standing at five feet tall.

So like I said in my last post about midi skirts, I’d always avoided them because of my height. A lot of the midi skirts I’ve seen in shops are literally taller than me. It’s hard to keep up with a trend when you could actually wear one as a dress. Anyway, over the past three months, I’ve accumulated three midi skirts that I’ve absolutely fallen in love with and surprisingly none of them are actually from petite ranges. One of them almost drags along the ground but when you see it you’ll understand why I’ll deal with that minor issue.

The Giraffe

Probably my favourite ever skirt tbh. Just look at it. This is the one that almost hits the ground but I just can’t not keep it. To be honest, there is a petite version of this skirt that I didn’t know about until right now but I’ve kept it too long to send it back so I guess we’re just dealing with it.

I paired this skirt with my beloved white Monki jumper, my ASOS circle belt and a pair of ankle boots and I think the outfit works well together. I was worried that wearing ankle boots with the skirt would cut off my legs and make me look even shorter (if that’s even possible I mean come on, I’m barely five feet tall people), but the boots actually go well with it. I’m tempted to try a pair of trainer with it and see how that goes but I’ll probs wait until at least Spring for that.

The Floral Bargain

This skirt will always have a special place in my heart due to the fact that it cost me £1 in the Asda sale. It’s two sizes too big for me but I mean for £1 I’ll make anything work. Throw a belt on and we’re good to go.

Length wise, this skirt works really well. It’s not as long as the giraffe one and it has a side slit to make it a teeny bit more flattering. I paired it with a black knit jumper and the same belt and boots and I thought it looked really good. It’s definitely an outfit I’d wear in Autumn because the skirt gives me all of the autumnal vibes. Because it’s two sizes up I don’t think I’d be able to wear anything other than a jumper with it, or perhaps a really oversized t-shirt? I’ll come back to you on that one.

The Polka-Dot

This was the first midi skirt I bought this year and it was right after I saw the gorgeous Lucy Cole wearing it on her Instagram styling video. It was that kind of thing where I saw her wearing it and was like I NEED IT and went out the next day to buy it.

Similar to the giraffe midi, I just paired this with my Monki jumper, belt and boots. I did wear a slogan tee under the jumper though and it looked just as good with the skirt. Length-wise it’s pretty good for a non-petite range and I think I can just about get away with it. This is another one I’d like to try with trainers in the warmer weather but for now I’ll stick to my trusty boots.

In conclusion

I have officially converted to a midi skirt lover and I definitely want to buy more, especially for summer. I think that if they’re styled properly then they can actually make you look a bit taller which is a huge plus if you’re petite like me.

Please let me know your fave midi skirts if you’re also petite because I want to expand my collection to at least five so I can live in them when the weather gets better.

Louise x

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