Anyone who knows me knows that I spend most of my time in my pyjamas. I basically spend 50% of my life in work clothes and the other 50% in sleepwear. Most of my pyjamas consist of oversized t-shirts that I’ve stolen from Cam (soz) or cheap pyjama sets from Primark because I have a problem and I can’t go into Primark and not buy pyjamas. So when the lovely people over at Hunkemöller offered to send me an item of clothing from their website, I obviously jumped at the chance to acquire even more pyjamas.

I ended up choosing this v cute playsuit purely due to the pattern – insert joke about sleeping with one eye open here -. I was just drawn to the eyes and I couldn’t tell you why, it’s definitely very different to any of my other pyjamas and I also didn’t own a playsuit for sleeping in and it sounded like it could be very comfortable.

I really like the design of the lace on the front and the cool strappy design on the back, despite it being a tad confusing to get into sometimes. The straps are also adjustable which I LOVE because I’m pretty flat chested and a lot of the time strappy tops are a no go since there’s literally nothing there to keep them up.

Size-wise, I chose a size 8 and it fits really nicely even without the straps being adjusted. It’s not too tight on the bottom and it’s nice and loose around my stomach so it’s not dead uncomfortable at night when I get bloated from dinner. Woo.

I’d say I’m still a comfy pyjamas kinda gal – nothing beats an oversized t-shirt for me – but something like this is perfect for when you want to be a lil more fancy or when it’s the middle of summer and too hot for proper clothes. Shout out to the lovely guys at Hunkemöller for kindly gifting the playsuit to me. They have so many things to choose from on their website and they also do lingerie, sportswear and swimwear so definitely head over and have a look for yourself – let me know what you find and love!

Louise x

This post was in collaboration with Hunkemöller and the product was gifted to me. This has not influenced my opinions.

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