My Irrational Fears

While coming up with ideas for this post, I realised that I’m afraid of quite a lot of things. Some normal; like the dark, the dentist, dying etc. But then there’s some that are just bloody irrational, so I thought it’d be a fun post to share so you can have a giggle/feel slightly more normal about your own irrational fears.

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Sleeping with my arms out of the duvet: I don’t sleep with my arms out of the duvet because I have the fear that someone is going to come in with a chainsaw and slice my arms off while I’m sleeping. Genuinely. This is a fear I’ve had since I was like 5 years old. I don’t know where it came from, and yes I realise that the sound of a chainsaw would most likely wake me up but STILL. My arms are firmly under the duvet at all times.

Washing my face in the bathroom mirror: When I wash my face I’m always scared that someone’s going to be in the mirror behind me when I look up. I’ve seen waaaaay too many crime shows for this to not be a fear. I think it’s a pretty common one but still… irrational.

Loose wet hair: it’s just gross and it makes me feel ill looking at it. I hate cleaning hair out of the sink and I absolutely refuse to clean the shower drain because I know for a fact that I moult a lot and there’s probably a full head of gross, wet hair waiting down there.

Wet food in the sink: see above. It’s gross and a big, fat no from me.

Certain food textures: Anyone who knows me knows that I’m v weird about my food textures. Most notably tomato chunks, mushrooms, onions, oranges and raspberries. Again, I don’t know why, I just hate them.

Being stabbed on the bus: my friend at work once told me that she has the irrational fear of being stabbed in the back of the head while on the bus and since she mentioned it I can’t stop thinking about it.

Someone hiding in my closets: every night before I go to bed I check the storage cupboard in the hallway and the wardrobe in our bedroom for anyone who might be hiding in them. Which doesn’t even make sense because our wardrobe is TINY and stuffed with (my) clothes, and the cupboard in the hallway is full of stuff like hoovers and Christmas trees. Still though, YOU NEVER KNOW.

Sick: I wrote a whole post on this fear because it’s by far my biggest irrational fear EVER. Read it here.

Getting a papercut on my eyeball: This is just something I thought about one day and I’ve been scared of it happening ever since.

Hard-boiled sweets: I once choked on a hard-boiled sherbet lemon sweet in a card shop when I was like 8 and since then I’ve been scared to eat them. If I do eat them, I have to be around other people JUST IN CASE.

Please let me know what irrational fears you have to make me feel slightly better about these bizarre ones. Also let me know if you share any of the same ones I do so we can unite and be afraid of everything.

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Louise x
  1. Ahh I found this so interesting to read!! Im not sure I have too many irrational fears, but I use to have the bathroom mirror one all the time when I was younger even since watching the weeping angels episode of Doctor Who! xx

  2. Some of these irrational fears I related to so much! I don’t know anyone who can stand the thought of sick! I’m like you, I won’t ever clean the hair out of the drain, the thought of it makes me want to puke! xx

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