The Midi Skirt

midi skirt with pockets

Midi skirts are always something I’ve stayed away from in the past, mainly because I’m literally five feet tall and didn’t think I could pull them off, but also because I had no idea how to style them. I’m not really a skirt person in general, I think I own maybe three skirts that I actually wear, so making the addition of a midi skirt was a bold move for me.

Before I bought this amazing one in the pictures, I bought a plain black one from Asos as a baby step into the world of midi skirts. You can’t go wrong with a black midi skirt right? Wrong. I looked like a nun. Not even a fashionable nun. I think the length of the skirt was all wrong for me which was what I was afraid of, so after this tragic experience I was put off midi skirts once again.

midi skirt with pockets
midi skirt with pockets

It wasn’t until I saw this post by the amazing Maria on Instagram that I decided to give midi skirts another shot. I didn’t feel confident enough to go for the yellow one in the photo, so I decided to get the dark green, khaki colour instead because it felt more subtle and like something I could wear regularly.

midi skirt with pockets

I’m actually obsessed with it and I wasn’t expecting to be. I thought I’d try it on and finally realise that midi skirts are not my friend but I actually loved it as soon as I tried it on. I love that there’s so many different ways to style it, especially since we’re getting into that weird weather where it’s freezing in the morning and sweltering by the afternoon. Also, it has pockets! How. Useful.

For the skirt’s first outing on a photoshoot (how fitting), I decided on a plain black t-shirt and a belt to accessorise a little bit. I also chose ankle boots to make it a bit more Autumn appropriate but also because I feel like they made it look a bit witchy, so this is now what I call my “hip witch” look. 

midi skirt with pockets
midi skirt with pockets

I’ve not managed to perfect the latest style craze of wearing a knitted jumper French-tucked into the top yet but I’ll keep attempting it, even if it’s just for a photo or two. Do it for the blog, I guess!

Sadly the one in these photos is now sold out (boo) but I’ve put together a few similarly styled midi skirts if you fancy a browse:

Are you a fan of midi skirts? Let me know!

Louise x

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