Accessorising is fun. I love a good pair of earrings, a cool belt or a statement necklace, but what about our tech? There’s so many different accessories for our phones, our tablets and our laptops. I went through a phase where I was obsessed with phone cases and had literally hundreds to choose from, I was a phone case hoarder. I thought I was over that phase, however now that I’ve discovered CaseApp I could feel that obsession being unearthed once again.

CaseApp are a fab company that have tonnes of cool phone cases and laptop/tablet skins to choose from, or you can go ahead and create your own personalised iPhone case or personalised laptop skin. They were lovely enough to let me choose some products to write about, so I had a good nosey around the site and had such a hard time deciding what I wanted because all the designs are SO pretty. They have so many different styles to choose from (the floral ones are my absolute favourites). In the end I decided not to design my own, but instead I went with a floral iPhone case and a Girl Boss themed MacBook skin.

The case I went for is called Christmas Floral and I’m so in love with it. It’s absolutely gorgeous and makes me feel slightly festive and excited for Christmas whenever I look at it. It’s like a subtle bit of Christmas all year round. The case is such good quality and has a matte finish so it feels dead fancy compared to my old silicone case with sloths on it.

Sidenote: we took the above photos in a bakery called Sugar Daddy’s here in Edinburgh and the cakes were incredible. The red velvet cupcake on the right was actually vegan and I demolished it quicker than I’d like to admit.

I chose the Her Office skin for my MacBook Air because how could I not??? It’s beautiful, and it makes me feel like a #GirlBoss whenever I use my laptop now.  I really love all the little illustrations and I find myself staring at them quite a lot when I get stuck on a post and shut my laptop in sheer frustration. Again it feels like really good quality and it was also dead simple to put on – no faffing about at all. It’s not peeled off yet so I must’ve done it right! 10/10.

The lovely people over at CaseApp have been so kind to give me a 20% off discount code for you guys! So if you’ve been eyeing up a case or skin, now’s your chance to save some pennies on them. Just enter LIFEWITHLOUISE20 at the checkout on, it’s only valid until the end of October so be quick! Let me know if you buy anything and what designs you go for so I can live vicariously through you since I’m on a spending ban (boo).

Thanks for reading! Are you obsessed with phone cases like me? Pls let me know if you are so I feel more normal.

Louise x

*This post was part of a collaboration with CaseApp, all opinions are my own

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