Where Have I Been?

Where Have I Been?

Long story short – moving house!

You may have noticed that it’s been relatively quiet around here for the last few weeks – or maybe you haven’t and you’re wondering what I’m on about. Fair. Either way it felt weird to come back and just not acknowledge the lack of posts. Cam and I have been busy getting ready to move into our first flat together – v exciting I know!

We’re still in Edinburgh, just a different end of the city which I’ve actually not spent that much time in so I’m incredibly excited to get out and explore the area. We’ve got ourselves a cute little flat and we’re super excited to have a space that’s ours. Although we’re still getting settled and there’s loads of boxes lying around, it already feels like home and I’m SO excited to decorate it with ideas I’ve saved on Pinterest for like the last year.

In the midst of securing the flat and moving etc, I felt too unsettled to write a normal blog post. Most of my things were already packed away and I was between Cam’s old flat and my mum’s house so getting photos for posts was just out of the question. My anxiety was flaring up as well due to so much change going on around me and I literally just couldn’t force myself to sit down and write. I was also suffering from a terrible cold so all in all felt AWFUL.

Anyway though, I’m back even though I never really left. Not really the most interesting post I’ve ever done but I just wanted to give a little life update. This is such an exciting chapter in our lives and we’re so, so happy. Like I said we’re still getting settled in the new flat but I’d love to do a post further down the line on my favourite areas and an update on just how many house plants I manage to accumulate… sorry Cam.

moving house

I’d love to know what kinds of posts you’d be interested to see going forward. Leave me some suggestions below!

Louise  x

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