Back in the day, blogging was about putting more effort into the actual writing of the post and then snapping a few pictures on your phone/old digital camera and chucking them in – little to no editing at all. Or at least that’s what I used to do! Whereas nowadays, I think blogging has evolved to the point that photos can be even more important than the words that surround them. For me, reading a post with beautifully orchestrated pictures just enhances the experience and tends to make me want to buy whatever product is being written about – or maybe that just because I’m a sucker for pretty aesthetics.

Like I said, back in the day I used to use a really old digital camera that actually wasn’t too bad at the time. Nowadays though most bloggers I know have proper fancy digital cameras and DSLRs so I had to keep up. Last year I invested in a Canon G7X Mark 2 and it’s been an absolutely fantastic camera – despite it just being a little point and shoot (I don’t trust myself with a DSLR because I know I’d lose a lense or two). There are a million options on the market though, like this waterproof camera from Panasonic – which in all honesty sounds amazing: a compact, 4k camera that’s waterproof as well? A travel blogger’s dream.

blog photos

In terms of taking blog photos, I try not to go into a shoot with any burning visions in my head because I know if I don’t achieve said vision I’ll go in a mood and give up altogether. Outfit photos are definitely my favourite kind of pictures to take – which I never thought I’d say because I never really considered myself as a fashion blogger until now! Outfit shoots are great fun because I usually get Cam or Lauren to take the photos and we just get to have a laugh at the same time. It’s definitely important to feel comfortable when taking outfit shots because if you feel awkward it’ll absolutely come across on camera – trust me on this one. Product photos are another thing though, they’re probably my least favourite shots to take because it usually entails me sitting on the floor getting frustrated at the fact that I don’t have a very “Instagrammable” background to hand. These photos definitely take patience and a lot of creativity but can be so worth the stress in the end.

My top tips for taking blog photos:

Outfit photos

  • If you can, shoot with a close friend or your significant other. They’ll make you feel more at ease and will have a laugh with you so you get those natural happy shots
  • Work out which poses work best for you. I tend to have around three set poses so that I know I’ll have at least three usable photos at the end of each shoot and they won’t all be of me mid-movement/flapping about.
  • Start off shooting somewhere quiet like a side street. The less people walking around the better – it’ll put you more at ease and you won’t have people in the background!

Product photos

  • Natural lighting. Always. If you can, that is. Products are always easier to shoot in natural daylight. If you can’t use natural light then definitely make use of the white balance tool in editing – it’s a life saver!
  • Try a million different angles, that way you’ve got options to work with and it’s always good to have variety. Have a play around with your camera’s focus options as well!
  • Not every product photo has to be a flatlay! This is something I’ve only just learned myself and I’m so glad I did because I find flatlays so frustrating and time consuming. They’re extremely pretty to look at but don’t feel like you have to spend hours trying to get one to look juuuuust right.

Editing has definitely evolved over time as well. More and more bloggers are using professional photo editing software, such as Lightroom, to edit their blog photos and achieve amazing results rather than just chucking on an Instagram filter. I myself use Lightroom and have really learned to love it over the past few months. It was a bit daunting at first with all the different options – I’m still not a fan of the desktop version because it overwhelms me a lil – but for me it was just a case of messing around with the controls and seeing what I liked. In addition to Lightroom I also like to use Snapseed (to get rid of any double chin moments) and FaceTune (don’t judge me).

I think editing is my favourite part of taking photos for my blog & Instagram. I find it weirdly therapeutic and could honestly spend all day doing it. My editing style changes all the time depending on what I like, but lately I’ve been going for a more warm toned theme – see the below before & afters:

blog photos
blog photos
blog photos

I hope this post was at least a tiny bit helpful, if not I hope it was at least interesting to see how I take/edit my photos because I’m always interested to see how other bloggers do it! 

Louise   x

*This was a sponsored post but all views relating to Panasonic are entirely my own.


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