Spending My Money On: Glossier

Spending My Money On: Glossier
We’ve all heard of Glossier, right? To me it suddenly appeared overnight on social media but I never paid it much attention since I knew it was about the ‘natural no make-up’ look which I don’t tend to go for that often (full coverage pls). Lately however I’ve been enjoying experimenting with less makeup and giving my skin a break from heavy-duty foundation so I thought I’d give Glossier a go.

First of all, everything is so aesthetically pleasing on the website – the sort of aesthetically pleasing that makes you want to buy it all and put it on Instagram. Sadly my bank account said “no” and I limited myself to just a couple of items, plus a free sample (yass).
Here are the goods and my thoughts on them:

1. Boy Brow in ‘Brown’ – £14

As someone who has never used a brow gel before, I wasn’t sure what to expect from Boy Brow but I’d only heard good things. In short – I like it! It’s a good colour match to my eyebrows and I really like the brush. For me though I have to use it over another brow product, e.g a pencil or pomade because since the Benefit Brow Bar disaster of April 2018 one of my brows has barely any hair for Boy Brow to grip onto. Hopefully once right brow recovers and regrows I’ll be able to use Boy Brow by itself like intended!

2. Stretch Concealer in ‘Light’

Their Stretch Concealer markets itself as a concealer that doesn’t cake up on your skin and gives a healthy, dewy finish while covering dark circles, redness and blemishes. I absolutely love this stuff. While I don’t necessarily use it every day, I love using it on ‘no make-up’ days just to make myself look a bit more alive. It covers up my dark circles so well and because of its dewy finish the light reflects off of it and brightens my skin as well. It lasts for ages as well and like it claims, it doesn’t cake over time. 10/10!

3. Wowder in ‘Light/Medium’

First of all, I love the packaging of this powder, also the name is fantastic. I’ve only used this powder once so far and sadly I wasn’t the biggest fan. I used it first thing in the morning (around 7am) when I was doing my normal makeup but then found that I had to re-powder my face by 9:30am. I think I’m at fault though because I tested it out over my usual foundation and I think this is more for lighter coverage foundation so I’ll need to try it out again on a “no make-up” make-up day.

4. Balm Dotcom in ‘Birthday’

Look how prettyyyyyy! Sorry I’m just in love with the sparkly, glittery top of the tube. The Balm Dotcom is a multipurpose product as it can be used as a salve for dry, cracked skin or as a lip balm. It comes in six different flavours and I chose ‘Birthday’ which tastes incredible – literally like a birthday cake, and also has a subtle shimmer to it. I’ve only used it as a lip balm so far so I can’t report back on how it works on skin but it makes my lips feel SO soft and hydrated. I definitely want to buy all of the other flavours, especially the coconut one!

5. ‘Glossier You’ Perfume (Free Sample)

With my purchase I was given the option of a free sample, which I obviously took – ya girl loves free samples. The choices were a sample of the Milk Jelly Cleanser or a sample of their Glossier You perfume. I chose the perfume because for some reason the thought of a ‘jelly’ cleanser kind of freaks me out a bit… don’t judge me. Glossier themselves say that this perfume is hard to describe, and it is. It’s got a kind of clean, fresh feeling to it but to me it just smells like… me? But a more enhanced version if that makes sense. Either way, I really like it – so much so that I’m planning on ordering the bottled version.
So is Glossier worth the hype? I’d say so! Well, from what I’ve tried so far that is. I’m planning on placing another order and trying out some of their skincare this time round so expect a follow-up post on that.
Have you tried Glossier’s products yet? What do you think of them? Let me know below!
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  1. May 27, 2018 / 10:26 am

    I really want to try Glossier! I'll have to wait awhile until my bank balance recovers, but it's something high up on my list! Also, the little make up bag it comes in is soooo cute. Loved this post, Louise ☺️

    Beka | astrobeks.wordpress.com

  2. May 28, 2018 / 9:05 pm

    Their packaging is sooooo nice! Really want to try boy brow, heard so many good things!

    Rosie | wearsrosie.com

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