Love Harry Potter? Love cocktails just as much? Well this is a blogpost for you! The other week, I attended a ‘potions class’ ran by The Popup Geeks down at The Arches in Edinburgh. I had no idea what to expect as I’m not the biggest Harry Potter fan (don’t hate me pls), but seeing as I was going with Cam’s fab sisters Sarah and Emily, who are the resident Harry Potter experts, I knew I was in safe hands.
Heading into the venue, it was amazing to see it decked out head to toe in Harry Potter styled props and decorations. They had everything from brooms up on the wall, cauldrons on shelves, a sorting hat above the bar and tonnes of Hogwarts letters hanging above the door as you walked in. Each letter was addressed to The Popup Geeks themselves and sealed with wax stamps which I thought were a nice touch.
After sitting down at our table and myself being the only one to get ID’d (standard), our potions master handed us our ‘workbooks’ and talked us through the evening. Basically there were cocktails you could make yourselves, pre-made cocktails that would just be brought to you, and then also other  various alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages.
The drinks menus were styled as old-school looking workbooks. Mine was literally falling apart which just added to the theme!
For our first round we decided to go for drinks that we could make ourselves to make the most of the experience. Our potions of choice were:
Glacio Ardetium: Gin, spiced blackberry, cranberry & orange bitters
Draught of Delirium: Irish whisky, Oloroso sherry and lemon or raspberry cotton candy
Talpa Serum: Rum, coconut & lime
Gravitas Transversum: Prosecco with petrified peach/strawberry or elderberry.
The presentation when our potions arrived was absolutely everything. They were presented in old-school chemistry sets which gave me flashbacks to high school. They also came with a scroll of instructions on how to make each drink.

I had gone for the Talpa Serum, shown above, as I love a bit of coconut and lime together. It was actually fairly simple to put together after reading the instructions. In fact I’d say that they were all pretty straightforward to make, despite being ranked 1-5 in difficulty. It was so fun watching everyone make their potions and seeing the magical effects. For example, mine changed colour as I shook all the ingredients together, and Sarah had dry ice in hers which gave off a smoky, bubbling cauldron effect. 

The Draught of Delirium turned out to be an amazing and sparkly drink!
The second round consisted of trying some of the drinks that were made for you. I fail to remember the name of any of them but they were just as tasty as the ones we made ourselves. Overall I’d say the drinks were pretty fairly priced at around £8 each or so, which is pretty decent considering the effort going into the presentation of everything.
I’d definitely recommend popping in if you’re in the area and seeing it for yourself (depending on how busy it is you may have to book in advance). Be quick though because the Harry Potter theme ends on April 30th! Every three months the bar is totally transformed into something different. Past themes have included Stranger Things (which I’m gutted I’ve missed), The Walking Dead and Game of Thrones. We actually got talking to one of the waiters who told us that their next theme is going to be Rick and Morty which I’ll definitely be taking Cam to for a lil date night!
Hope you enjoyed this post! I’m really loving getting back into blogging and I can’t wait to share more posts like this with you guys.



  1. Oh my god, this is gorgeous and I'm freaking out hahaha.I was so gutted that I had missed this until I saw that it was on until the 30th of this month – I am 100% going, all those cocktails look delicious. Lovely post 😍

  2. O my god that looks amazing!
    I need to go do this with my friend. We both adore harry potter. What a brilliant business idea as well. It looks like it was great fun. Which one was your fave?

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