It’s a question I’ve seen being asked on social media quite a bit lately with varying opinions and observations by fellow bloggers so I thought I’d chime in with my own thoughts on the topic.

I started blogging back in 2014 and from what I remember at the time, I don’t think there was as much engagement between bloggers as there is now. When I first started out I remember it being an incredible feat if I received more than three comments on a post. Whereas now I receive more than ten, which may not seem like a lot to some people but to me that’s quite an improvement!

Between 2014 and now I took quite a break from blogging, partially due to the fact that I couldn’t find the time or the inspiration, but also because I felt that there was quite a competition between bloggers back then. I always felt like bloggers were constantly trying to out-do each other and one-up each other but since coming back to blogging I’ve noticed that it’s shifted to bloggers bigging up each other and really supporting each other which is incredible! I don’t know if I was possibly just ‘hanging out’ with the wrong blogging crowd but in my opinion, the blogging world seems like a more supportive and positive place now. Also, I feel like there are more bloggers now than ever. Before I would always see the same few people popping up and would follow along with their blogs and engage with them over and over, which is fine, but now I could probably meet a new blogger everyday, which I think is great!

Content-wise, I feel like a lot of people rely on blogs these days. Personally, if I want to find out about a new eyeshadow palette for example, the first places I will search are blogs. When you search for reviews or travel tips or recipes, the majority of results that show up first are blogs. Bloggers can cover any topic they want and they can be brutally honest in their opinions, which is something I like to see when reading reviews.

When it comes down to it, I think it’s all about who you follow, and if you feel like blogging is dead then chances are you’re following the wrong people. The community as a whole is such an important part of the blogging world. There are a lot of bloggers out there who are all about the numbers, think they’re better than you because they have thousands and thousands of followers, and love to play the follow/unfollow game on social media. These types of bloggers make the community feel sour and competitive – in my opinion anyway!

I think to say “blogging is dying” can be really discouraging to bloggers, especially newer bloggers just starting out who may feel like they’ve missed a boat. I don’t really count myself as a new blogger, but I have just recently returned to the scene and even I get a bit disheartened when I hear that.

There are new blogs popping up all the time, which I think is a big indicator that blogging is definitely not dead. People want their own place to vent, to share, to just write whatever they want and a blog is the perfect place for that. Your blog can evolve into so much more than that though, which is something I find so exciting about the blogging world. It can start out as a hobby, which it currently is for me, but your blog can turn into your brand, your business. Blogging can offer you so many opportunities, and for some it might turn out to be the career they never knew they wanted.

Well that was quite the ramble but I’ve just got a lot of feelings towards this topic (as you can tell!). In short, I don’t think blogging is dead at all, in fact I think it’s thriving more than ever – you just need to find the right people. Find the people who comment on your posts, that retweet your promotion tweets, that like your instagram photos, that genuinely engage with others and you’ll see that blogging is alive and well.

What are your thoughts on this topic? Do you think blogging is dead? Let me know!


  1. I recently started blogging too & I completely agree, I think the blogging community is so supportive (the ones I have met anyway!). I think it's disheartening too when people say that blogging is dead, especially when you have just started, but I agree that it's about finding the right people to connect with 🙂 Great post on the topic!

    Sophie x

  2. Definitely, I'm coming back to the blogging after a few years hiatus and I've found so much on here everyone seems so willing to encourage and share what they know. I'm still figuring out the community part, but as my site isn't live yet I'm hoping that will come with time. Great post, I really enjoyed reading it x

  3. I've come back to blogging after a year or so off (using a brand new blog to make a brand new start 😀 ). I love how supportive everyone is now, and I am loving the community that I'm in on Twitter! I loved this post 🙂

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